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PINKO winter collection

Everytime I’m in Paris or Rome I stop by Pinko. I can’t say that I always end up purchasing something, but I always admire their collections. Yes, these days we’re all excited about spring summer collections, but it’s still winter outside and it’s not going anywhere for the next 2 months (at least). So bring along your cup of coffee and scroll down the page:)

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Autumn pastels

We’re pretty much used to seeing the same palette of colours in fall: grey, navy, black, burgundy, maybe emerald green here and there. Somewhat cliche. Yet, going pastel seems strange and out of place, mostly being associated with a spring mood. Oh well, this fall forget about “supposed to be”s and learn from the famous girls in the industry. Pastels and fall CAN go hand in hand!

kayture kristina bazan pastel

pastel fall autumn

pastels autumn

kayture kristina bazan pastel

kayture kristina bazan pastel

pastels in fall winter

kayture kristina bazan pastel

vivaluxury pastels

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