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Fitness series

Hello guys! Today I am going to share with you a 10 minute workout on glutes and hamstrings. It might seem hard, but as you will see the results are fantastic! And don’t forget about the previous workouts! The more you do, the better results!

If you don’t have a ball, I still suggest you try this workout without it.


Fitness series

I got carried away with Valentine’s git guides and almost forgot about sharing some fitness videos with you! So here’s one on how to lose belly fat. Enjoy! And remember, you need to start today to be able to see the results in several months!

Fitness series

Hello, dear readers!

Lately, I’ve been thinking of adding a fitness section to my blog and this is the first video I want to share with you. I was browsing through fitness videos on youtube and discovered some really great ones. I’ll post one every week. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them.

This one is a butt exercise. Looks tough but so good!


Be fashionable, stay fit!