Early fall looks vol.2

harper-and-harley_adidas_josh-goot_01 harper-and-harley_asos_khaki_6 harper-and-harley_burberry_rain_6-1 harper-and-harley_equipment_zara_4-2 harper-and-harley_khaki_army_5 harper-and-harley_leopard_leather_1 harper-and-harley_stella-mccartney_leather_1 harper-and-harley_windsor-smith_super_3 harperandharley_gingerandsmart_2 harperandharley_khaki_equpiment-shirt_1 Sara-by-Nicole-Cooper-45 and other stories sunglasses, stockholm, sweden, capital, fashion, moda, monki pants, white balenciaga boots, paris, 7 for all kindman, jeans, burgundy, august blogIMG_5674 blogIMG_8225 c48f DSC_0560 DSC_0857 DSC_6064 copy fzrw

IMG_2146 IMG_2262 IMG_2316 IMG_2334 IMG_2349 plaid shirt, 7 for all mankind, jeans, lisbon, festival, optimus, zina, fashionvibe red heels, baggy jeans, maison du posh clutch, creme jacket red leather jacket, black skinny pants, alexander wang boots, zina fashionvibe stripes, denim shorts, diesel, zara shoes white total look, pants, zara, high waisted yrp7 zara6


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