Swimwear by Seafolly

As promised, I picked for you my favourite pieces by Seafolly!

I am head-over-heels for stripes: the retro look topped off  by bold red lips. 

seafolly australian swimwear 6ec2e9f6ee0f1786789f15d9be0e7a61 69b65b810f8ac9e0606dd10cc6c784f3 383da617fa311c962f54ebdf0ffdd28c 569df5d9a455a4f0b4b73fe3e34fb1aa 41601c6d4e5849437b91b513a25910b2 81988e0f967e4ab7060c4af1d1f2a47b 35750532235ffec40ecc0f0f73485892

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