Frassy Style

Hello guys! Today’s post is dedicated to Audrey, the blogger behind Frassy. I’ve been following her blog for a while now and I absolutely love her simple yet quirky style. One more thing that appeals to me is that she blogs from Paris! No wonder her photos are so classy in a typical french way:) Makes me miss Paris! 

_MG_2235CR2 _MG_2305CR2 _MG_6366CR2 _MG_7086CR2-1 _MG_9809CR2-1 _MG_9878CR2 15-680x1020 156-680x1020 561-680x1020 bandw1231-680x1020 IMG_2100.jpg_effected-003-Large2-680x1021 IMG_9580JPG_effected IMG_9703-680x1020 IMG_24131-680x1020 km1-680x1020 MG_2437-680x1020 MG_2657.CR2_-680x1020 MG_4603-680x1020 MG_8002-680x1020 MG_8487.jpg_effected-002-680x1020 MG_9555-680x1020 MG_14811.jpg_effected-0011-680x1020 MG_24023-680x1020 MG_25102-680x1020 MG_26662-680x1020 MG_68701.jpg_effected-0011-680x1020 purple4-680x1020 rose2-680x1020 verison3-680x1020 z89898989-1


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