Chanel SS13 Campaign

Embellishment, graphics and the eternal black. Chanel adapts, yet stays loyal to its style. That’s why we love it, right?

Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-2 Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-3 Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-4 Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-5 Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-6 Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-7 Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-8 Studded-Hearts-Chanel-SS13-Campaign-Karl-Lagerfeld-9



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