Mango: The tourist mode

This collection here brings together some of the best trends of this season: graphics, prints and ethnic accents. All topped with statement accessories in my favourite colour: turquoise!

81103568_02-83206260_02-81330776_92-83637037_94-83637653_94 81103569_02-83210498_02-81312574_02-83637653_94-83650077_02 81103570_10-83205775_OW-81312573_N1-83638651_34-83637037_94 81205690_OW-83312544_N1-86637471_94-83650077_02 81206554_OW-83312544_02-83625252_02-83637653_94-83637451_94 81234560_OW-81312551_02-83625252_02-83637251_94-83637653_94 81431777_02-83625252_02-83637036_94-83637653_94-83619032_48 83103779_VT-83200355_VT-85312262_02-83637653_94-83637451_94 83200571_10-81312182_VT-83650077_02-83619032_48 81206674_02-83206260_02-83330508_02-83638651_34-86650456_94

by Mango


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