Istanbul by H&M

Yes, I’m in Paris now but I wanted to share with you this Istanbul City guide by H&M. There’s something I will always love about this city. Something Paris, London or Milan don’t have. Maybe it’s the Bosphorus, maybe traditions or maybe the people. Of course, this video illustrates only a tiny bit of this magnificent megapolis, but I still want you to take a look at it:)


  1. cecile

    i’ve always wanted to go! it’s one of my dad’s favorite places and he’s always encouraging me to make the trip…. The food, the people, the atmosphere – maybe this summer…


  2. thecreativebent

    I loved this video… really makes me want to visit Istanbul. I didn’t exactly exist on the geographic map in my mind yet… but now it totally it does… Loved that door in the video,… guess it’s Mangerie…. the door looks east and the place looks west. Perfect moment !

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

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