Trend report: Kate Spade ss13

I am going to post some “Trend Report”s this week and I thought I’d go for a bright start with Kate Spade. The spring/summer ’13 collection is full of playfulness and femininity!


katespade-spring-summer-ss13 katespade002.450x675 katespade003.450x675 katespade004.450x675 katespade005.450x675 katespade007.450x675 katespade008.450x675 katespade009.450x675 katespade011.450x675 katespade012.450x675 katespade013.450x675 katespade014.450x675 katespade015.450x675 katespade019.450x675 katespade020.450x675 katespade021.450x675 katespade022.450x675 katespade023.450x675 katespade029.450x675 katespade030.450x675


  1. Emma

    I am in love with the plaid skirt and the bow blouse! So pretty! The blouse it very DIY able, might give it a go! Thanks for sharing!

    E x

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